Please note that some of our dishes contain ingredients known to trigger allergens. We are meticulous in how we deal with our allergens guests and feel strongly that people with allergies should be able to enjoy dining out as much as anybody else, comfortable in the knowledge that they are in safe hands.

18 months ago we began working with a forward-thinking Liverpool based startup called Menu Guru, an app which allows guests to select dishes from a menu based on what they are able to eat. This makes the dining experience more enjoyable, safer and smoother for both the guest and us.

Below is a list of allergens data for our current menu and also our MARAY AT HOME products (please see at the bottom)

Muhammara, pomegranate and Arabic Flatbread Gluten - sulphites - tree nuts
Maray Hot Plate Gluten ® can be replaced with GF bread- Sesame ® (if tahini replaced with yoghurt then Dairy) - Sulphur Dioxide
Hummus & Arabic Flatbread Gluten ® can be replaced with GF bread - Sesame
Whipped Goats Cheese Gluten ® replaced with GF bread - Dairy - Sulphur Dioxide
Olives and Turkish Chillies Sulphur Dioxide
Cauliflower Bhajis Sesame - Sulphur Dioxide
Falafel Sharer Gluten ® can replaced with GF bread & bulgur removed- Sesame - Sulphur Dioxide
Roasted Cob & Harissa Butter Dairy
Smoked Mackerel Pate - Spring Onion - Za'atar - Breadsticks Fish - Dairy - Gluten - Sesame ® (Za'atar can be removed)
Fattoush Salad - Feta - Sumac Gluten ® (bread can be replaced with GF crackers) - Dairy ® (Feta can be removed) - Sulphur Dioxide
Aubergine Shawarma Sulphur Dioxide - Sesame ® (Tahini can be removed)
Falafel, harissa, tabouleh Gluten ® (bulgur can be removed & replaced with salad) - Sesame - Sulphur Dioxide
Disco Cauliflower Sulphur Dioxide - Sesame ® (Tahini can be removed) - Dairy ® (Yoghurt can be removed) - Nuts ® (Almonds can be removed)
Roasted Carrots - Curried Yoghurt - Crispy Kale - Crushed Almonds Dairy ® (yoghurt can be removed) - Nuts ® (Almonds can be removed)
Confit Chickpeas - Braised Cabbage - Green Tahini - Mint Sesame ® (Green Tahini can be removed)
Halloumi Nuts - Sulphur Dioxide - Dairy
Chips Sesame ® (Hummus can be removed) - Sulphur Dioxide
Sweet Potato Wedges Sesame ® (Tahini can be removed)
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Dairy - Meat - Sulphur Dioxide
Fried Whitebait - Aioli - Red Pepper Fish - Egg - Sulphur Dioxide
Pan Fried Hake - Spiced Courgette - Preserved Lemon - Yoghurt - Capers Fish - Sulphur Dioxide - Dairy ® (yoghurt can be removed)
Lamb Shoulder Shawarma - Sweet Potato Mash - Tzatziki Meat - Dairy ® (tzatziki can be removed)
Lebanese 7 Spice Braised Beef Brisket - Pickled Carrot - Minted Barley- Yoghurt Meat - Sulphur Dioxide - Dairy - Gluten ® (barley can be removed)
Harry’s Babka - Labneh - Spiced Honey Walnuts Gluten - Egg - Dairy - Nuts
Chocolate & Pistachio Tart - Vanilla Ice Cream Gluten - Nuts - Dairy (Factory cannot guarantee no dairy contamination in dark chocolate production) Dairy ® Vegan ice cream available
Nuts MARAY AT HOME | Pepper Cashews
Dairy MARAY AT HOME | Goat's Cheese
Sesame, sulphites MARAY AT HOME | Hummus
Nuts, gluten MARAY AT HOME | Muhammara
Sulphites MARAY AT HOME | Pickles
Gluten MARAY AT HOME | Flatbread
Sulphites, sesame MARAY AT HOME | Aubergine Shawarma
Sulphites, sesame MARAY AT HOME | Lamb Kofta
Dairy (can be removed to make vegan), gluten MARAY AT HOME | Fattoush
Sulphites, sesame, gluten MARAY AT HOME | Falafel Sharer
Dairy, egg, nuts MARAY AT HOME | Lemon Posset
Gluten, soya, nuts MARAY AT HOME | Vegan Chocolate Tart


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